Life Design Services


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It is when we are living from our deepest and most fulfilling purpose that we find true happiness and serenity. From this place, we are unshakable, unstoppable and in our greatest power.

Many people have never truly discovered their purpose and don't even know where to begin looking. There are many ways to know your purpose, and the biggest clues come of course from the things we love to do the most. Together, we will brainstorm various aspects of your life. Things you love, things you hate, and within those two main categories, we will find the blocks that are keeping you from moving into your deeper purpose. These blocks can be removed in various ways, through hypnotic and subconscious techniques.

Hypnotherapist's techniques don't need to involve going into traumatic events, but many still practice this way. Memories that trigger reactions, whether good or bad, can sometimes get in the way of us discovering and moving into our deepest and most fulfilling work. This is where other spiritual work can assist us in breaking through to stepping fully into the most empowered person we can be.

in my practice, I prefer to use fun games using Left/Right brain integration, sound and imagery, and technological means to bring the process of making new discoveries and anchoring of new modalities.