Brainstorming Facilitation
  • The more a company uses idea generation, the bigger amount of options for expansion, 

    creation, opportunity, advancement,

    and eventually, exponential growth of whatever is fed and nourished.

    When a company befalls a growth stunt or crisis, 

    it must innovate quickly or risk stagnation and or death.

    Just as it is in nature, when a living being faces 

    a life-threatening experience, it must freeze or take immediate action.

    Freezing is but one choice, while ACTION has infinite potential.

    Freezing is staying in one place, while action is expanding out into any other place but the one it was previously in.

    People often freeze as well, and because companies are largely still run by people, 

    when a great situation arises that threatens the vitality or growth of a business, 

    action must be taken to avoid atrophy, decay and eventually the business is done.

    The good news is that any action taken will shift the outcome,

    and that means growth, because movement IS growth.

    Therefore, the most important factor in a decision is WHICH way to move, to grow?

    What decision to make?

    If thinking is limited, outcome will be as well. If a person thinks he or she has only one choice or two choices, 

    or even a few choices, there are only a few actions to take with each choice. 

    On the other hand, if there are infinite choices to make 

    there will be infinite actions and outcomes, and the odds increase for continued movement and potential.

    Flow is just the fluidity of motions blending together in the flow of movement. Being graceful action...

    When one acts from grace, the outcome of giving grace, being graceful, having grace...will heighten the chances for a more harmonious outcome.

  • Whether you are looking for personal insights about a situation, or hoping to name and launch a new business or product, brainstorming can be an incredibly beneficial practice to 

    Companies that brainstorm often come up with more salable products and marketing strategies, resulting in higher profits and better products. People who brainstorm relationships might dodge the bullet with a relationship that is fitting, or not fitting for them. Getting clear on what you want, and don't want can mean life or death to a relationship. Don't waste years of your life wondering, "Is this the one?" or asking "Is this all there is?" Of course it's not all there is. There is so much more to life than whatever you are experiencing right now. For some, it seems impossible to get there, to make a huge and or drastic change in life. Whether it's leaving an abusive situation or creating something new from creative inspired motivation, you can be in a very new life in a very short time. Are you ready for a change? 


    What are the 4 rules of brainstorming?

    The Rules of Brainstorming

    RULE #1. Don't: Immediately get everyone involved. ...

    RULE #2. Don't: Put limitations on the brainstorming session. ...

    RULE #3. Don't: Shoot down ideas right away. ...

    RULE #4. Don't: Focus on the quality of ideas. ...

    RULE #6. Don't: Limit the ideation to one brainstorming session.

    Whether you are contemplating or starting a new business, considering new opportunities or 

    Who, what, when, where and why are the basics for all considerations while brainstorming. 

    Who is involved, who can benefit, who can help, who is the end client, who do you want to be, who do you love, who do you need to contact, etc.

    What is the project, situation, consideration, question, 

    When does it need to happen, when will it happen, when did it happen, when do various steps for completion need to happen?

    Where will it take place, where will it end up, where will it be created, where do you see yourself, others, your future, the future of your project, etc.

    Why do you need or want to know,  to do something, to create or discover from the process of brainstorming?

  • New Ventures
  • Moving to a new location
  • Considering 
  • Dating and Relationships
  • Partnerships